Recruitment Process Overview

It is important for clients to know the distinct steps in the recruiting process. Having advised for-profit, non-profit and municipal organizations, Maxwell Management Group has developed a detailed process for matching employers with job-seekers.

On a simple level, here are the important steps to monitor:


Strategic Overview

Gain a comprehensive understanding of role/client company – tour facility and interview hiring authority and key employees.


Develop Search Template

Develop an understanding of the talent styles that flourish in the organization to measure candidates by.


Targeting/Marketing Plan

Create long-list of candidates based on response to marketing/hunting/networking initiatives.


Execution ‘Shortlist’

After thoroughly pre-screening long list of candidates, present resumes, skills summaries and testing of top 3-4 candidates to client company & arrange interviews.


Closing the Search

Once a final candidate has been selected, we will assist with negotiations, conduct credential and reference checks and facilitate the employment letter and any other transition.



We provide a guarantee in writing and our executive coach follows up with the new employee throughout the initial stages to ensure retention.

For a full step-by-step review of recruitment, read our 34 Step Placement Process

Partner Benefits

  • MMG can bring you better qualified people – we know your industry and its’ top performers!
  • Allows companies to remain focused on activities vital to creating and delivering core products or services.
  • More cost effective than hiring an additional full-time human resources professional that might only be required three months out of a year.
  • MMG guarantees a return on your investment – why pay money on costly newspaper ads or job boards with no guarantee of finding the right person for the position?
  • MMG also provides a guarantee on the candidate’s performance.

MMG Premiere Plan

  • Maxwell Management Group Ltd. introduces a revolutionary plan with the aim of equipping hiring authorities to win the war on talent. This plan can substantially reduce executive search fees, while vastly improving the quality and results of your company’s recruiting strategy.
  • Please contact us to find out more.