Professional Services for Job Seekers

What’s the secret to increased employee retention?

Maxwell Management Group offers a 180-day “Coaching Program” and uses a rigorous search and assessment process to target and retain highly skilled candidates for our client employers.

Helping Healthcare Organizations Save Time and Money

Our focus is on ensuring an efficient and thorough hiring process and delivering top talent. Maxwell Management Group broadens the scope of the search for suitable candidates by developing an all-encompassing search strategy geared towards a variety of mediums, locations, and time frames. Partnering with our Executive Recruiters has benefits!  We manage the entire recruitment process, saving you time and money you would have used on preparing, writing, and placing advertisements online; answering inquiries, screening and interviewing potential applicants; as well as reference checking potentially unsuitable applicants.

Maxwell Management Group is a full-service executive recruiting and consulting firm dedicated to building successful long-term relationships with selected clients in the Canadian Healthcare and Senior’s Living Sectors. We have over 1000 success stories!

Maxwell Management Group is fully certified to conduct psychometrics assessments.

We utilize these assessments as well as technical and behavioural-based interviewing methods to ensure a more objective hiring decision.

Need an urgent hire?

We have the largest database of healthcare and seniors’ living professionals in Canada and often provide a highly qualified roster of candidates in 14 days or less.

HA Recruitment Partner with Over 15 Years of Experience

Our staff is committed to advancing the careers of executives and healthcare professionals by marrying top employers with talented, performance-oriented candidates whose needs and objectives are compatible. With our proven success, we reduce your time to hire and assist you in every aspect of the recruitment process.

Partnering with us has benefits!

Take advantage of all the benefits we offer to healthcare and seniors’ living organizations:

  • In-depth knowledge of your industry
  • State-of-the-art recruiting software as well as traditional and non-traditional recruiting methods
  • Top candidates presented to you often within 14 days or less
  • Complete reference and credential verification
  • Negotiation and presentation of employment offers
  • Uncompromised confidentiality and professionalism
  • 180-day guarantee and “coaching program”

We partner with you from the time you book your 15-minute appointment right up until your final hiring decision.

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