Terms & Conditions


The business terms and conditions as outlined below will be for the recruitment and placement services of Maxwell Management Group and not for any other HR service within the structure of the company.

Fee Structure

Fees payable is determined as a percentage of the total remuneration package, i.e. total cost to company of the candidate.


Placement fees are payable on commencement of employment. Payment terms are strictly 30 days, after which interest will be charged at prime plus 3%. If payments are made within 7 days, the client is entitled to a guarantee. Otherwise, no guarantee applies.

Guarantee Period

Should the employment relationship be terminated within 90 days (and payment has been made within 7 days) the client will be entitled to a free replacement or a refund of 50% of the initial placement fee. The guarantee period is subject to Maxwell Management Group receiving a written notice within 7 days of actual termination and excludes company initiatives i.e. retrenchments, over which Maxwell Management Group has no control.


The engagement of a candidate introduced by Maxwell Management Group will be deemed to be an acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this document. No variation to the fee structure or terms will be entertained unless reduced to in writing and duly authorized by the relevant Maxwell Management Group representative.

Subsequent Employment

Should any candidate introduced not be appointed and subsequently, within 12 months of said introduction, be appointed, by the client, the client will remain liable for the placement fee.

Final Selection

Maxwell Management Group will assess candidates against client requirements. However, although Maxwell Management Group, to the best of their knowledge and experience, assesses the candidate, the final selection responsibility remains with the client and Maxwell Management Group indemnifies itself against any actions or behavior of said candidate.