Our 34 Step Recruitment Process

At Maxwell Management Group, our disciplined 34 Step Recruitment Process is effective and transparent to our clients because it is based on collaboration, communication and commitment. It is what sets us apart.


Process is the cornerstone of any quality search and the cornerstone of our firm’s approach to the business. It is imperative that we be in complete agreement with our clients regarding process from the outset of a search in order to pave the way to the most optimal result possible. While we have a suggested approach to process, which is outlined below, we believe it is important to act as true partners with our clients and have often refined pieces of our process and timing to suit the context of particular situations.

Our essential first step is to develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ organizations. We aim to speak with as many of the relevant stakeholders in a search as possible, allowing us to gain deep insight into the organization and the requirements of the position in question. Armed with this information, we build an employee avatar which showcases the required experience, skills and attributes of the successful candidate. Position Specifications are submitted to clients for approval and distributed to prospective candidates and sources.

  1. Obtain complete job order including how we can attract candidates from client’s competition.
  2. Coordinate the job description.
  3. Interview client’s hiring team for clarification of real needs.
  4. Obtain profile of ideal candidate, providing the option of personality profiling of client’s top performing employees. This composite personality profile may be used for screening candidates.
  5. Consult with client on industry compensation standards. Analyze competitors’ compensation profiles.
  6. Assemble our project team and brief project manager on search assignment.
  7. Conduct research of marketplace to include our existing database, client’s direct and indirect competitors. Determine additional companies that employ candidates with transferable/desirable skill sets.
  8. Source to narrow research results. Compile a list of targeted companies and candidates. Review and revise this list with client.
  9. Recruit candidates by direct contact – cast a large net – an average of only 3-4% will reply positively. Therefore, hundreds of contacts are required to source one candidate!
  10. Qualify candidates by initial telephone interviews against the necessary job essentials.
  11. Identify potential finalists from window shoppers, tire-kickers and those who are under qualified.
  12. Perform in-depth telephone or personal interview with potential finalists to ascertain:
    • Do they have the appropriate background / experience / education?
    • Are they realistic about expectations (salary, time frame, title, etc.)?
    • Are they willing to change jobs (relocate) for the right opportunity?
    • Discuss counteroffer
    • Determine if candidate’s career goals will be satisfied by client’s opportunity (hot buttons)
    • Current employment
    • Any contractual commitments
Assist finalist candidates with resume development and create profiles highlighting career achievements and education / relevant experience & collect and verify credentials
  14. Where possible, we conduct face-to-face interviews or video teleconferencing with qualified candidates.
  15. Submit this short list of qualified finalist candidates’ profiles and resumes to client and discuss results of in-depth candidate interviews.
  16. Arrange first face-to-face or video teleconference interviews with client, coordinating any travel arrangements necessary.
  17. Obtain and provide cost of living differentials for relocation consideration.
  18. Prepare candidates for first interview including company’s or hiring authority’s needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority personality and hot buttons.
  19. Prepare client for first interview including full pre-interview information and candidate’s hot buttons.
  20. Debrief candidate, answering unanswered questions, etc.
  21. Debrief client, assessing strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities, etc. Professionally release any candidate the client does not wish to pursue.
  22. Provide results of in-depth reference checking to client.
  23. Arrange second interviews and discuss concerns.
  24. Debrief candidates and client.
  25. Provide economic data for client including candidate’s and possibly spouse’s total compensation and benefits.
  26. Coordinate and negotiate possible employment package to successful candidate and set the stage for acceptance by candidate.
  27. Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth way for offer acceptance.
  28. Counteroffer revisited.
  29. Assist successful candidate in cleanly terminating current position.
  30. Arrange with Realtor, Chamber of Commerce, relocation consultants, moving companies, etc. to assure that candidate (and significant other) is aware of details in new location.
  31. Confirm start date. Have formal offer letter prepared and delivered to candidate who will confirm in writing.
  32. Work with spouse placement (if necessary).
  33. Assist in obtaining information pertaining to schools, community activities, etc., for children.
  34. Remain in contact with candidate and client through start date, initial phases of employment and then on-going to assist in the transition.