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  • Maxwell Management Group is a recruitment firm that has a built a database of over 15000 candidates that specialize in Health | Wellness and Hospitality industry.
  • 100% of our business is conducted in the Health | Wellness and Hospitality Industries. This is our core genius.
  • We are always data mining and attracting new potential hires and keep our database fresh, current and relevant.
  • We are currently celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary and proud to say we have an excellent industry reputation.
  • We have a system and process that bumps Emergencies to the Front of the Line when your situation is URGENT!
  • Geography is a non-issue. We can recruit for every province and territory within Canada.
  • If you need a specific expert not available in Canada, we can extend our search State-side.

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If it’s urgent, best to not hesitate and call us right now Toll Free at: (855) 305-4078 ext 204

Maxwell Managment Group: Professional Recruitment Firm

MMG is a recruitment firm, with our services you are guaranteed long lasting, top performers that will meet and exceed expectations. For an in-depth look at all of Maxwell Management Group’s recruitment services check out our Executive Search Firm page.

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