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  • You are open to a new career opportunity or advancement in your healthcare career.
  • You are looking for a recruitment firm that has relationships with healthcare | wellness | hospitality companies and organizations.
  • You are a healthcare | wellness | hospitality professional
  • You’ve worked in the healthcare industry (hospital, clinic, home healthcare, hospitality, nursing homes, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, medical, dental, etc)
  • You are a Senior Executive with experience in the healthcare | wellness | hospitality industry
  • You are a mid-level management professional in the healthcare | wellness | hospitality industry
  • You are looking for a healthcare | wellness | hospitality job in either Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewen, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland or up North in a skilled profession. There is a wide selection of opportunities [chef, nurse, administrator, maintenance professional, IT professional, security professional etc]
  • You posess digital marketing skills in the healthcare | wellness | hospitality industry [includes but not limited to social media, PPC, CRM Management, SEM, Conversion Expert, Copywriting/Blogging]
  • Some “expert” openings are available for healthcare | wellness | hospitality professionals from the USA if the candidate can’t be found in Canada.
  • You are retired HOWEVER you much rather prefer to be sharing your skill set and bring value to a company or organization on a project basis. You are willing to concider temporary contracts in your field of expertise.

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One more thing, we also offer a Resume service to help you leverage your core genius and maximize your experience.  In addition, you can also get access to our Interview Coach to help you brush up on those HR or boardroom interviews.  What you say, in the context you say it, truly matters.  We can also help you determine your current market value and help you negotiate the best employment contract for you.

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“Heather [founder of Maxwell Management Group] is THE expert in recruitment of health care professionals. It was such a pleasure working with her. Heather is extremely knowledgeable of the retirement and long term care communities. It is astonishing how much Heather understands the complexities of our roles. This results in recommendations to the great benefit of both job seekers and employers. I highly recommend Heather and Maxwell Management Group to those looking for a professional, knowledgeable and cheerful recruitment company.”
– Sheryl Mann, Senior Living Advisor at A Place for Mom

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