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The Maxwell Promise to You

Maxwell Management Group Ltd. uses industry leading proprietary systems and proven processes to fully vette candidates for the total peace of mind of our client partners. We are extremely proud of our employee retention rates. With this in mind, Maxwell Management Group Ltd. guarantees your new hire. If the service relationship between you and the candidate is terminated for any reason before the agreed guarantee period, a one-time replacement will be offered.

*Conditions may apply. For complete guarantee details, please view your Recruitment Services Agreement.

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I’m Looking to Hire

Imagine having access to Canada’s one of the largest active database of IT professionals.

Our candidate database is one of the largest active database of IT professionals in Canada.

We are constantly working hard in the areas of data mining/sourcing, interviewing, networking, and attracting new talent.  If the position exists in your eco-system, there is a very high probability a selection of candidates exist in ours.

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I’m Seeking a New Career Opportunity

If you are actively seeking a new position in the health, wellness and hospitality industry, you have only 3 steps to take.

Step 1. Check out our Hot Jobs.

Step 2. Check out our Services for Job Seekers.

Step 3.  Sent us your Resume.

I’m Not Actively Seeking a Position, But I’m Curious To Know More

Are you interested in hearing about career opportunities that are perfect for you?

  • Perhaps you are simply curious to know if your compensation plan is in alignment with what is fresh, current and relevant in today’s marketplace?
  • Perhaps you are entertaining a move but are not quite sure yet. Maybe a change in your personal life that has triggered you to start searching?
  • Perhaps a friend referred us to you because they are very happy with our service?

Whatever your reason for being here we are here to serve. What’s important for you to know is that you can search our available positions with confidence that your information is private. No one will ever know that you are exploring your options.

I Have a Few More Questions

How Confidential Is My Information If I Opt-in To Get Information On New Career Opportunities?

We take your personal information very seriously. We NEVER share our database, emails or resumes with anyone, period. If and when the time comes when you wish for us to share your information with a potential employer, we will do so but ONLY WITH YOUR CONSENT. NO ONE will ever know your name, phone number or where you currently work at any phase of your search without your previous knowledge or consent.

We deal with very confidential and sensitive information day in and day out.  Your information is secure. We will never contact you at work unless you direct us to.

I’m Curious To See What’s Out There. But I’m Not Ready. I Have Not Yet Updated My Resume, And I Haven’t Done An Interview In A Very Long Time. Can You Help?

Yes, we have a Resume Writing Service and an Interview Coach. We can help you be the RIGHT person, in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. You don’t have to miss a BIG opportunity because you don’t FEEL ready. We have all the resources to get you ready.

I’m Not Ready To Interview. Can I Still Be On Your List To Receive Updates On Career Opportunities?

There is absolutely no obligation with us to receive notifications about career opportunities. No credit card is required to register to receive information and you can unsubscribe anytime. By being on our list, you allow us to email updates and call you to inquire if you are “actively seeking” when a matching opportunity aligns with your talent.

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I Have An Urgent Hiring Need

Did you know that many of our clients call us when they have a hiring crisis? If you fall into this category you can see that you are not alone. You may have legal or fiduciary duties in making sure that you have the right person in place ASAP.  We are definitely ready to help you.

We could have a temporary person that can fill the void until you find a permanent replacement or we may have a permanent replacement ready to go. In any case, these situations are never easy.  But rest assured, we have powerful systems and processes in place to help you meet your commitments.

Best advice? Pick up the phone and call us right away. Every minute counts.

Or click this link to learn more about our “urgent hiring” system.

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The Best Candidates are not Looking for Work,
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Our Company

 Maxwell Management Group Ltd.

Specializes in Executive Search, Recruitment & HR

Consulting in the IT Sector.

Maxwell Management Group Ltd. is a full-service executive recruiting and consulting firm dedicated to building successful long-term relationships with selected clients. Committed to building the careers of executives and managers, we marry top employers with talented, performance-oriented candidates whose needs and objectives are compatible.

Our expertise is targeted at all levels of positions We address companies short, medium and long-term recruitment needs by providing access to the best candidates both nationally and internationally.

Partnerships with many of Canada’s “50 Best-Managed Companies“, and “Top 100 Employers“.

We have an exceptional network across Canada.

We are fully licensed Career Practitioners – Users of psychometric assessments and MBTI. Our success is built on referrals.

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