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Maxwell Management Group Outplacement Services

We understand how challenging the termination process can be for both employees and employers. At Maxwell Management Group Ltd., we offer a wide range of outplacement services for employers who require assistance transitioning their employees to the next stage of their career.

Our outplacement services make the entire transition as smooth as possible for the outgoing employee and help employers mitigate risk.

Why Offer Outplacement?

Employers of choice provide outplacement services to assist employees in transitioning to a new job. They are also constantly aware of the impact of their actions and how they treat laid off employees knowing that these actions can also impact their remaining employees.

Pragmatically, employers offer outplacement to protect their reputations as desirable employers, to head off potential lawsuits and, in the instance where a lawsuit is filed, be considered an employer that treated their previous employee well.  

What Do We Offer?

We provide psychometric testing, resume writing, employment coaching, financial and career transitioning for individuals during a transition.  We provide a wide range of resources to help with the transition and help employees secure a brand-new role as quickly and easily as possible.

We provide outplacement services to all levels of employees – entry, mid and senior-level employees. This means that no matter what previous experience or skill-set your transitioning employee has, they will certainly benefit from our service.  Our process minimizes the hardship to the terminated employee, minimizes exposure and risk to all parties, and helps the transitioning employee prepare to return to work quickly.

Employee Benefits

One of the most overwhelming emotions employees can feel during job termination is anxiety. There can be feelings of embarrassment, sadness, anger as well as fear and apprehension of the unknown (not knowing what they’re going to do next).  This can be debilitating.

A sudden loss of work and daily routine can significantly affect an individual’s self-worth and be very difficult to get past, particularly for older employees who haven’t had to look for a job for years – even decades.

However, with our certified coaching program, we work closely with the transitioning employee to assist with resume writing, confidence building, interview coaching, career management and networking advice all of which can help them secure a new job, getting them back to work faster.

Employer Benefits

If you don’t think outplacement solutions beat traditional severance pay packages, it’s time to change your views. Here are some advantages to consider:
Maintain healthy relationships
Regardless of the outcome, displaced workers have likely contributed to the success of your organization at one point or another. Outplacement services will help to maintain healthy relationships with these employees during a time when they may have a positive impact on your organization.  Providing relocation assistance or partnering them with alumni services are both ways to preserve your relationship and show that you care about their futures.  
Reduce unemployment
Although severance may seem a good way to manage displacement, it is not enough to create new opportunities. While severance pay is often warranted, your displaced workers may have other needs. In fact, 45 percent of those who have faced long-term unemployment report skills depreciation. Outplacement solutions offering diverse options can fix this issue, such as resume assistance, career management, and networking advice, all of which can help them to secure a new job. Outplacement services reduce unemployment rates and get workers back on their feet faster than just a payout alone.
Liability protection
Organizations have a corporate responsibility to your employees. That said, outplacement solutions can serve as a liability protection against possible disgruntled employees. While you are no longer their employer, you are taking the necessary steps to ensure a smoother transition, avoiding any possible legal action. This includes job search assistance, interview preparation tools, and career assessments.
Increased productivity
Sometimes business is tough. But the following message is important to communicate to your employees: If things get too heavy — whether business is bad or you need a fresh start — the company will be there to help. Outplacement solutions show your dedication to your team, no matter how bad things may get. In turn, this can increase productivity and engagement from your current staff since they are aware of your commitment to them, displaced or otherwise.
These days, image is everything. Outplacement solutions promote a great company reputation, demonstrate your commitment to current and former staff, and showcase your ability to provide the solutions modern professionals need, such as access to job boards, networking connections, or transfer options. Plus, when you have a better brand, you attract great people, innovative ideas, and more business for your organization. If you look at outplacement services from this overarching perspective, you’ll find that it does a whole lot of good during a difficult time.
Displaced employees need more than just a pink slip with severance pay attached to it. They need real solutions that can help them to find new opportunities. Outplacement solutions are a great way to transition employees to a new future, show that you care about your staff, all while maintaining your reputation and image.

Why Maxwell Management Group’s Outplacement Services?

While it would be naïve to think every single termination you make will be smooth and hassle-free, our outplacement services will ensure that you protect your company’s reputation and ensure that your transitioning employees will receive the best care and assistance possible through this challenging time.

“Maxwell Management Group Ltd. Ltd can also help you find the right candidate.”

We have a proven process, 98% of our candidates remain in their roles beyond the guarantee period. We have one of the largest professional networks in Canada and we can often provide you with a qualified list of candidates within 21 days.

We offer a free replacement guarantee in writing, and we guarantee that all new hires will be top performing, long-term employees who will exceed performance expectations!

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