leadership tips

As a company leader, the most important aspects to receive from your employees are trust and respect. Without these qualities, your employees are unlikely to work to their full potential even if their working environment is bursting with a positive environment and effective systems.

To gain that much-needed trust and see a significant improvement in your employees’ work ethic without having to offer pay rises or structural changes, you simply need to radiate positivity by focusing on the following four H’s of leadership.


Being modest yet still confident is a prominent quality seen throughout almost all successful and admired CEOs. Accepting and admitting your flaws will show your employees how real you are, and using this acceptance to overcome your flaws and believe in your workforce is vital.

No one likes a selfish leader, especially if they appear to only care about themselves without taking the company as a whole into account. Maintaining confidence in what you do whilst still being humble will naturally arise feelings of trust in those around you, because they know they can count on you to do the right thing by the company.


Leading from the heart and displaying true passion within the workplace will demonstrate how much you care about both your vision and employees. Leading from the heart can’t be taught or forced – it’s a natural style that arises from having real passion and love for what you do.

Showing your employees how passionate you are will instantly motivate them to work harder and deal with failure better, especially if you keep your passion consistent even through tough times.


Only making promises you know you can keep is a sure-fire sign of an honorable leader. Almost guaranteed to instantly induce feelings of respect and trust amongst your employees, staying true to your commitments, giving praise where it’s due and keeping your word at all times will naturally encourage them to follow you.

In the words of Mark Twain, “always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest”.

become the best leaderHumor

Everyone loves a laugh, even at work! Leaders who are happy to show their sense of humor and have a laugh at their own expense are almost guaranteed to forge trust within their employees.

They will take cues from you as to how much they can let their hair down and, if they see you having the odd laugh and being grounded, it’s much more likely to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable around you.  This is especially vital when serious matters are concerned, as the last thing you’d want is a group of employees feeling unable to talk to you when they’re worried about something.

Whilst these 4 H’s are all essential skills every leader should implement within their company, you should also encourage your entire team to also work on these qualities too. Not only will you be creating a happier, more trusting workplace, but also naturally developing everyone’s skills simultaneously.

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