How To Dramatically Increase Interview Success

So, you’ve sent your resume in during the application process, you’ve progressed to the interview stage, and you should have done all necessary interview preparation to ensure you’re as clued-up as possible before you arrive.

But all of these steps will be virtually pointless if you don’t nail your performance during the interview itself.

Standing out from the crowd and making a good impression is essential to guarantee yourself the best chance of being hired – here are some key tips you can use to make sure you don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Arrive on time

Whilst this may seem obvious, the nerves you may potentially feel before your interview could result in you panicking, rushing around and not leaving on time.

Plan your outfit beforehand, and make sure to leave plenty of time to not only get yourself ready but travel to the interview venue. Turning up late is guaranteed to leave a bad impression, and will suggest to the interviewer that you’re perhaps not taking this seriously and can’t be relied on to meet deadlines – a definite negative on your part!

It’s also wise to take an extra copy of your resume (just in case the interviewer doesn’t have one to hand), and any other resources you feel could be appropriate to bring.

Smile and make eye contact

First impressions count for a lot during this process and are likely to shape how the interviewer perceives you throughout the entire duration of the interview.

Give a strong handshake, smile and make direct eye contact when first meeting your interviewer. This instantly signals confidence and will show them you’re completely serious and ready for what’s to come.

Staring at the floor and failing to smile will not impress. Whilst this is a very common reaction when feeling nervous, it’s important to override this and push through the nerves – you’re more likely to get the job by doing this, so it will all be worth it in the end!

Be yourself

Whilst it’s completely normal to want to impress as much as possible, any interviewer will be able to see straight through you if you try to put on a façade.

Preparing answers to common interview questions is great, but it’s still important to listen to the exact question you’re being asked and answer accordingly. If you simply answer with your prepared responses and don’t actually address the specific question, this will instantly suggest to the interviewer you don’t listen – not a very good trait.

And, if you simply don’t know the answer to a particular question, be honest! An interviewer is far more likely to respect you if you’re 100% honest than if you try to haphazardly struggle your way through a response, pretending to know something you clearly don’t.

Remember, they’re not expecting you to know everything.

Ask questions

In a similar method to preparing responses, preparing a couple of questions to ask them is guaranteed to give a good impression. 

Not only will this strongly suggest you’re interested and keen to learn more, but will show confidence.

It’s highly likely at the end of the interview you’ll be given the opportunity to ask a couple of your own questions, and you should definitely take advantage of this. But, if you don’t have any prepared, perhaps take a few notes during the interview and construct questions from things you’ve learned.


Simply leaving at the end with no follow-up won’t work in your favour.

If lots of other people are being interviewed, it’s highly unlikely they’ll give you a direct answer as to whether you’ve been successful there and then.

So, upon leaving, simply enquire as to how and when you’re likely to hear back. This will once again show your enthusiasm and dedication to the role, and will prepare you for what’s to come.

Interviews aren’t meant to be easy. But, by refining your interview technique you’re guaranteeing yourself the best possible chance of not only leaving a good impression – but getting hired!

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