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How to Prepare For an Interview

When job hunting, the interview process is perhaps the most important of all – and it’s essential you prepare as much as possible.

As with submitting a resume at the very earliest of application stages, it’s important to remember the vast amount of competition there might be. So, to ensure you stand out as much as possible and impress potential employers or recruiters face-to-face, preparation is the most effective method of achieving interview success.

Here are a few key interview prep steps you need to take into account before you turn up.

  1. Background research

If you arrive for an interview to find your interviewer hasn’t bothered to read your full resume and knows virtually nothing about you, you’re likely to feel a little insulted, right?

Well, the exact same principle applies to you too – if you turn up knowing nothing about the company’s background, morals and the services they provide, you’re almost guaranteed to leave a bad impression.

Take time a couple of days before your interview date to do some research. Visit the company’s site and even read any recent press releases to ensure the information you learn is as up-to-date as possible.

Better still, if you know the name of your interviewer, get to know them too! Check out their LinkedIn profile (if they have one), or see if there’s any specific information about them on the company website.

  1. Get to know the role

You’ll obviously know the specific role you’re going for, but ensuring you do as much in-depth analysis of the role’s prospects is certain to make you stand out – simply because it will show you care and are enthusiastic.

Take into account the potential growth and career paths the role could offer you, as well as how your specific goals align with the role itself.

  1. Review common interview questions

Whilst it’s impossible to predict exactly what you’re going to be asked during the interview, you can make some educated guesses.

Almost every interview will contain a range of universally-asked questions such as ‘what are your strengths/weaknesses?’, ‘where do you see yourself 5 years from now?’ and ‘why should I consider hiring you?’.

So, to ensure you’re super prepared and don’t get caught off-guard, prepare some responses and practice! You can even conduct a role-play style interview with a friend or family member to fine-tune your answers and delivery.

  1. Dress for success

Whilst this is perhaps obvious, you’d be surprised at the number of interviewees who don’t dress as smartly as they should. So, even if the company you’re interviewing with comes across as relatively casual, you can’t go wrong with smart dress – unless you’re told otherwise.

Avoid bright, garish colours and keep your outfit sleek, simple and, most of all, professional. Plan-out your outfit in advance to avoid rushing on the day, and make sure you look the part.

And there you have it – some simple yet extremely effective interview preparation techniques guaranteed to not only make you feel less nervous and more confident but give a great impression and increase your chances of being hired!

But interviews can still be daunting no matter how much preparation you do, which is why we offer a range of comprehensive interview coaching services here at MMG, specifically tailored to address your individual concerns.

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