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Most Common Mistakes Made When Building A Resume

No one said job hunting was going to be simple. But, with an impressive, well-written resume by your side, the entire process will be made just that little bit easier. However, resume writing is often much harder than it seems and people often include to much content, for this part of our resume series we will go over the most common mistakes when building a resume and we will also go over what not to include on a resume.

After all, your resume is the first impression a potential employer or recruiter will have from you, so it’s essential you make it a positive one. Making mistakes when building a resume is extremely common – something almost everyone has probably done at least once in their lifetime. But, with today’s competition for jobs higher than ever before, making mistakes (no matter how small and insignificant they may appear) could mean the difference between progressing to the interview stage, or your resume being tossed into the ‘no’ pile.

Here are some of the most common things people get wrong when building their resume, and mistakes you should avoid making at all cost!

Too Wordy
When you’re trying to impress, it makes sense to include every single detail you can come up with about your qualities and experience. But, if a resume is too long and wordy, potential employers will simply get bored! It’s important to remember they’ll likely have hundreds of other resumes to get through so if they’re faced with huge chunks of text, it’s highly likely they’ll toss it into the ‘no’ pile before giving you a chance.

Keep things concise and relevant – only include information that’s 100% applicable to the job you’re going for.

Too Many Clichés
Whilst it can be difficult to think of phrases that are totally original and unique when writing about yourself, it’s essential you think outside the box when crafting a resume. Using too many clichéd phrases such as ‘I’m a hard worker’, ‘I’m very professional’ and ‘I’m a team player’ are something potential employers and recruiters will have seen a thousand times before.

They’re unoriginal and boring, guaranteed to fast-track you straight into the ‘no’ pile. Using Pictures. Whilst standing out from the crowd is important when writing a resume, including pictures certainly isn’t the best way of doing it. Resumes need to look clean and professional, and using pictures simply isn’t considered the professional thing to do at this early stage of application.

The same thing goes for elaborate fonts and bright borders, with research showing over 40% of recruiters are put off by such bold designs. Simplicity is key here!

what not to include on a resume

Grammatical & Spelling Errors
A very obvious-seeming mistake, many resumes are littered with basic spelling and grammatical errors their owners have simply overlooked. Proof-reading has never been more important, and reading over your resume multiple times as you’re writing will allow you to pick up on any errors you may have made. Or, if spelling and grammar simply isn’t your strong point, ask a friend or family member to proof-read your resume for you.

Avoiding these basic yet extremely common mistakes when building a resume is a sure-fire method of giving yourself the best possible chance of progressing further in your job search.

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