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What do you need to include on your resume?

It’s no secret that having a good resume is vital. But, if you don’t include all the right details and information, that resume is guaranteed to be unsuccessful almost every time. If you’ve read part one of our 2-part resume blog series, you’ll already know how important having a good resume is.

If you haven’t, or simply need to refresh your memory, you can find part one by simply clicking here: Part 1

In this section, we’re going to explain exactly how to make sure your resume gives the best possible impression to a recruiter or potential employer. Content is vitally important here, as well as the specific role you’re looking to be hired for.

What Your Resume Says About You

In almost all cases of recruitment, your resume will be the very first impression a hiring manager will have of you. It’s therefore vital you make that impression a good one! Before sending in your resume, you must research the type of company you’re applying to – 1 in 5 recruiters will actually reject a candidate before they’ve even finished reading their resume, so make your resume as specific as possible.

If you’re going for a role in a very large, corporate environment, your resume must reflect that. Avoid humor and unnecessary personal details – it’s likely all they’ll be looking for are your professional qualifications and skills at the early stage of resume-scanning.

But, if the organization has a reputation for being laid-back and far more relaxed, there’s no harm in adding some slightly more personal aspects of your previous experience. However, make sure these details directly relate to the role in question, otherwise, they become irrelevant!

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Be yourself but be professional

Key Skills

A large portion of your resume should include the necessary skills you’ll offer should they choose to hire you. But, note the word ‘necessary’ here – don’t include every single skill you have, otherwise, your resume will be far too long and will likely lose the attention of recruiters. As mentioned in part one, resumes are typically looked at for a mere 6-7 seconds before a decision is made, meaning time certainly won’t be on your side in this situation.

Specificity is vital here, so only choose to showcase skills you know will not only make you the perfect fit for the role, but allow you to stand out from the competition.

And there you have it – the ultimate guide to writing your resume! But just because you now have everything you need to know to get started, this doesn’t make resume writing a simple, easy task for everyone.

If you find yourself struggling or simply want a little extra advice, the resume writing services we offer here at MMG are guaranteed to help.

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