Why a Resume Is The Most Important Part Any Job Application 

In today’s competitive day and age, finding employment is now tougher than ever. With so much competition standing against you, it’s essential your job application makes an impact.

According to a Glassdoor, on average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes, but only 4 to 6 of these people will be called for an interview, and only 1 of those will be offered a job.

With that in mind, you need to make your resume stand-out.

During our two-part series on resumes building, we are going to show you how to build the best resume, you’ll discover exactly why a resume is so important, skills to include and top tips on how to transform your resume into a refined document, certain to make recruiters think “wow”, with the end goal of getting you more interview opportunities!

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document designed to tell recruiters/potential employers everything they need to know about your previous work experience, skills, and why you’d be the perfect fit for their open position.

It should be concise and logical, with every single sentence providing the reader with core value. Designed to help you progress further in the hiring process i.e. receiving an invitation to interview, the importance of having a solid resume should never be underestimated.

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How to Structure a Resume

Include a Professional Summary
At the very start of your resume, you should give recruiters a taste of what you have to offer before they start reading specific sections.

Not only will this make their job easier and quicker (which they’ll secretly be thanking you for!), but will also allow you to highlight things you see as most important right away.

Keep it Concise
The first mistake almost everyone makes is simply writing too much! Whilst it’s important to give potential employers as much information as possible, it’s essential everything you write is 100% relevant.

Otherwise, the hiring manager or recruiter reading your resume will get bored – and might not even read up until the end.

In fact, statistics show potential employers typically read a resume on average for 5-7 seconds before deciding whether to progress. It’s important to remember you’ll likely be up against hundreds of others, so ensuring your resume is as targeted and concise as possible is crucial.

Use short, sharp paragraphs instead of huge chunks of text, and try to use subheadings and bullets as often as you can.

Tailor it to the Job
Whilst the core aspects of your resume should remain the same regardless of which job you’re going for (contact information, employment history, educational qualifications etc.), it’s essential you reference the specific role in question.

Include any additional qualities or skills you have that highlight why you’re the perfect fit. Explain what you can specifically do and exactly how this will benefit them, as this will provide insight into what they can expect should they choose to hire you.

Things to also consider when developing resume:

  • 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address.
  • 88% rejection rate when you include a photo on your resume

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