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The Ultimate Technique To Becoming A Great Leader, That Almost NO Bosses Actually Do

If you’re currently in a leading position managing other people, it’s likely you think you already know the techniques to inspire, motivate and generate great results from your employees.

I can almost guarantee you don’t, and that you’re missing out on the most important secret of all that truly equips you to lead your team to success. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to discover exactly what I’m talking about.

I was once in your position; happily leading my team and achieving my monthly targets, thinking I’d already nailed the art of leadership and felt I had a fully supportive bunch of people behind me. As part of my role, I delivered workshops and presentations specifically dedicated to leadership skills, and it was during one of these sessions that I learned one of the most important leadership lessons of all.


Towards the end of the day, I asked my audience the same question I routinely ask every time, and almost always receive the same set of answers: “What, in your opinion, is at the core of successful leadership?”.

As expected, a lot of people came out with answers like “great decision making”, “being a motivational team builder” and “having passion in what you do”, so nothing I’d not heard before. Then, someone else piped up and said just one sentence that’s resonated with me ever since, and even inspired me to alter my own style of leadership.

He said, “no single member of your team cares how much knowledge you have, or how much you can teach them until they know how much you care about them and their success”.

The more you repeat it to yourself, the more impact it has. Think about it, if those you’re leading feel like you don’t care about them, why would they care about what you know? Why would they care about the value you could potentially provide to them? If an employee gets the impression you don’t care about them, they will never care about you – not even as their leader.

Sure, you can talk about your targets and goals for the future and your team may politely smile and appear to be paying close attention. But, if you’re not simultaneously showing you care about them as much as you care about their work, they’re not going to care about anything you’ve said for very long.

Show them you care, and when they know you care, they’ll listen and respect you as a leader a million times more than before. Guaranteed.


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