Research has shown that a potential employer will spend a mere 10 seconds skimming your resume. According to the Rockport Institute, “only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes received by the average employer.” The average time you have to persuade a typical hiring manager to read your resume further is 10 to 20 seconds. If you fail to instantly capture their time and attention, it’s likely your resume will be simply cast aside without even being fully read. Your resume must make an almost immediate impact to get past those crucial first 10 seconds, whilst still containing enough substance and detail to land interviews. So, if you’re worried your resume isn’t packing the punch it needs to, below you’ll discover some key tips to improve your resume template and have it fully read every time.

Keep it short and relevant

Typically, most employers and recruiters are very busy. When a new job is advertised, it’s likely they receive hundreds of resumes and would find it impossible to read the details of every single one. So, to ensure your resume can be skimmed and understood in the shortest time possible, it’s best to keep it at a maximum of two pages long. If it’s any longer, this can put people off reading it altogether and will require more effort on the recruiter’s part as they will have to turn multiple pages; this makes a quick skim almost impossible. Use short, concise sentences and, if you’re struggling to condense the actual content of your resume, try cutting out unnecessary details about some of your older job roles if they’re not 100% relevant to the position you’re applying for. Relevance is key and, even though you may have numerous other skills that aren’t directly linked to the job, wasting time on them is likely to bore the recruiter and make them think you’re unsuitable if you dwell on irrelevant qualities too much.

Use small, easy-to- read chunks of text

If your resume is just written in huge paragraphs of text, it makes skimming to find the most relevant pieces of information very difficult and time confusing for the reader. Make sure to use subheadings wherever you can to break up information, and using bullet point lists for your qualifications and achievements is very effective and easy-on- the-eye. Keep your font size consistent throughout the main body of text, but be sure to put subheadings and any important words in bold. This will immediately grab the reader’s attention, as bolded words automatically stand out against a page of regular-sized text.

Make your top quarter the most relevant

No matter how short or concise you make your resume, the top couple paragraphs are always going to be the first thing your potential new employer will see. So, it’s vital to make these as relevant to the job posting as possible, highlighting how your specific skills can be applied to the role requirements. A great way to make sure you grab their attention right away is to research a variety of other job adverts similar to the job you’re applying for, and take note of all the requirements they’ve listed.

Tailor your resume to suit these requirements, and it’s almost certain that you’ll beat those initial 10 seconds and leave the recruiter wanting to find out more.

Beating the 10 second skim is easy once you know how. By utilizing all the above tips, you’re almost guaranteed to have your resume fully read by every recruiter who receives it, which will skyrocket your chance of getting interviews and, most importantly, landing the job.

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