Resume Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals play an imperative role in our country and around the world by providing and coordinating patient/resident care, helping with patient/resident rehabilitation, and providing emotional support to patients/residents and their families. Whether you are already in Healthcare and looking to transition roles, or if you are new to the industry, competition and high standards mean that you not only need to have the appropriate skills and experience for the job, but you also need to market yourself well.  According to the Rockport Institute, “only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes received by the average employer.” The average time you have to persuade a typical hiring manager to read your resume further is 10 to 20 seconds.. That doesn’t allow much time to market yourself does it?  Here are some tips for getting your resume noticed:

Highlight credentials
Your education and licensing credentials should be a central focus of your resume. Include degrees and/or certifications that you have earned, additional training, and any internship or residency programs. Emphasizing your educational journey may improve your chances of getting a job offer.

Past work experience
Your work experience is a valuable and important aspect of your resume. Don’t just list your job description!!  Be sure to add your list of achievements and quantify these achievements on your resume.  Did you save the company money?  How much?  Did you implement a new initiative? What kind and what was the outcome?  Did you achieve special awards or help your facility achieve accreditation?  Did you work with special populations, such as children, the elderly or low-income populations?  Include experience you have working with a specific type of patient/resident (stroke, dementia/alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, sports injury, etc.) to make yourself a more desirable candidate. Volunteer or shadowing experience is a plus.  Adding achievements and quantifiables will be sure to make your resume stand out!

Emphasize skills
Since you will be dealing with patients/residents and other staff, soft skills are important to mention, such as excellent verbal communication, listening skills and empathy. Other skills pertaining to your job are important to mention too, such as how you interact with others, areas of expertise, conflict resolutions skills and work ethic.

Use Keywords
Many companies now use recruiting management software to screen candidates by searching for keywords in their resumes. To increase the chances of your resume matching open jobs, include the keywords that appear in the job description, as well as keywords relevant to your area.  It’s easy to want to let your job titles or former positions speak for themselves, but calling out particular job duties or areas of expertise will help get your resume noticed.

Sell Yourself
Don’t limit yourself to only on-the-job attributes. Volunteering or participating in a community organization or external support group makes you stand out as someone who truly wants to help people. If you’ve written an article for a publication or given a presentation include it in your resume.  All of these “extras” demonstrate positive aspects of your personality and skills that employers are looking for – strong communication skills, willingness to help, commitment to community, philanthropy.

Stay Relevant
Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry. Your resume should demonstrate that you are up-to-date with the current technologies, policies and practices. Re-evaluate your training to ensure you have all the necessary skills required for the job. You may need new certifications or licenses or additional software training.  Be sure to showcase your computer skills/programs that you have worked with on your resume as well.  The Healthcare Sector is increasingly becoming more efficient by utilizing new technology.  More and more, employers are seeking to hire healthcare professionals that already have strong computer skills.  

In short, be sure that your resume reflects your key selling points and shows evidence of skills, experience, and a commitment to quality patient/resident care. Resume tips

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