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Interview tips

In today’s world being a job seeker means entering a world of competition, personality assessments, and phone screens. When approaching these hurdles it’s difficult to overcome each obstacle flawlessly, and there may always be another candidate that has more experience, advanced skills, or even a possible personal connection. So, how would one make their way to the top of the employer’s list of candidates? Marketing yourself may just seem like an easy way to say ‘sell yourself’, but in reality it is more than that. It’s about knowing what you want, and how you are going to get it. Here are 6 ways to properly market yourself in your interview for your next job opportunity: Interview tips

  1.  Have a Story

Everyone likes a good story right? Now it’s your time to tell yours, and how it got you to where you are today. The journey that you refer to in your interview should be reflective of what’s on your resume.  I’m sure you have heard ‘tell me about yourself’ more than once. To answer this you need to remove all the extra fluff from your experiences and have a compelling “one minute message” that highlights what accomplishments you’ve achieved to get you to where you are today.  Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. They are looking for relevant examples and experiences that are going to contribute to the success of their business, so be sure to stay on topic.

  1. Target your Audience

It’s important to understand who you’re talking to when attending an interview, what are their top priorities and what do they need from the person that they hire for this role?  Focus on what your plan is to help their business should you be successful in securing the role. These are two very important factors to keep in the back of your mind while interviewing. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, but when it comes to marketing yourself it’s crucial to speak about your skills and experience in relation to how it can help the employer.  This means research. What does the company pride themselves on? What targets are they working towards? And what are you going to do to help them achieve these goals?  For example, is this organization currently being accredited?  If you have been through an accreditation process, be sure to speak about your role in that process and how you can help the employer achieve success in this area.  

  1. Confidence

This is where your skills and attitude come into play. If the job process starts with an initial phone screen you need to be able to talk the talk before you can walk the walk.  When preparing for the interview, cross out any negative “self-talk” and re-write the statements in a positive and assertive manner – a way that makes you feel confident and good about yourself when you read and say them. Turn, “I will never get this job” into “I am the best person for this job. This company needs me.”  Having a positive attitude going into the interview is half the battle!  Also, be ready to display / drive home the skills that you’ve been developing for the past few years.  Marketing yourself means highlighting what you can do, how you’ve been able to do it, and how it can help the employer.

  1. Be Interested vs Interesting

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and it is easier said than done. If you’ve got a great story to tell, relevant experience, golden skills, and the utmost confidence, you’re definitely on the right path to scoring the role that you want. However, there are other candidates who feel the exact same way. How are you going to show the employer that you want this role more than the next guy? Ask relevant questions throughout the interview process. At the end of each interview the employer will ask if you have any questions, and you should have some in mind. This will show that you were focused during the meeting, and are eager to learn more about the business and the role. Also, although you may end up with a large number of questions in mind, be sure to stick to the ones that will determine how you can be successful in their company.

  1. Show Enthusiasm!

If you really want the job, let them know it!  Show your enthusiasm for the role!  You never want an interviewer to second-guess your interest in a position. So, show them the love in all of your interactions, whether it’s in the interview, an email, or a thank you note.

  1.  What Are You Looking For? interview tips

Employment of course is the main goal. But how are you going to get there? You could potentially be open to a few different opportunities in the market. A recruiter could reach out to you to discuss a role that you didn’t even apply for. It’s important to be confident in what type of role you want – don’t settle for a job that is not a perfect fit!  This could lead to a very bad experience!   Hold out for the right position – you’ll be glad you did

           Closing Points interview tips

Following these tips can put you well on your way to getting your dream job. Yes, you’ll have to spend time preparing and practicing, but it’ll all be worth it when it comes time to show that you’re the best fit.

How can Maxwell Management Group Help you Land your Dream Job?

Maxwell Management Group offers a number of professional services to help individuals land their dream job, including:

  1.  Interview Coaching
  2. Professional Resume Services
  3. Psychometric Assessments
  4. Professional Guides for Networking & Job Search

Visit our professional services page for a list of our services for job seekers.

If your looking to land your dream job in the Healthcare, Wellness or Hospitality sector check out our Hot Job’s page for a list of current employment opportunities.

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