Working under a micromanager is not uncommon. You can’t turn things around with a single conversation, but if you start talking about future goals, you can, little by little, help your boss start trusting you more and monitoring less. Focusing on your future can help you and your boss interact more productively in the present. Initiate the discussion about long-term goals by setting up a one-on-one meeting to talk about your role. Explain that you want to start focusing on your growth, and ask about other ways to support the department. Give examples of the projects you’d like to work on, and the future role you envision for yourself. Ask him to work with you on a plan for acquiring the skills you’ll need to get there. Don’t complain about the past. Let him know that you appreciate his guidance, but you’re eager to spread your wings a little too.

Adapted from “What to Do If Your Boss Is a Control Freak” by Karen Dillon.
VIA Harvard Business Review

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