22 11, 2017

How to build the best resume: Part 3

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Most Common Mistakes Made When Building A Resume No one said job hunting was going to be simple. But, with an impressive, well-written resume by your side, the entire process will be made just that little bit easier. However, resume writing is often much harder than it seems and people often include to much content, [...]

24 10, 2017

MMG’s Top 5 Sales Tips

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Top 5 Tips You Need Right Now To Sell Anything to Anyone No one is automatically born a top seller. Today’s best salespeople are made and nurtured, not born, and you likely sell every single day without even realizing. Remember the last time you got your children to help with the household chores? You were [...]

27 09, 2017

How to Decrease Time to Hire

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  Video interviews can cut recruiting costs by nearly 50% and are a great way to decrease time spent on phone screenings or first round interviews.  Asking open-ended questions that focus on accomplishments and problem solving will help “weed out” those that are not good fits for the position and/or organization. How to Decrease Time [...]

18 07, 2017

How to Market Yourself, Interview Tips to Land your Dream Job

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Interview tips In today’s world being a job seeker means entering a world of competition, personality assessments, and phone screens. When approaching these hurdles it’s difficult to overcome each obstacle flawlessly, and there may always be another candidate that has more experience, advanced skills, or even a possible personal connection. So, how would one [...]

21 05, 2015

Boost Your Job Search Success With Professional Etiquette

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Some applicants lose out on jobs just because they haven't learned professional etiquette expectations. This article arms you with the etiquette guidelines you need to navigate your job search successfully. What is Professional Etiquette: Why is It Important to Your Career? Professional etiquette is based on the expectation of respectful, cultured behavior, including courteous manners, [...]

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